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October Newsletter

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October 2012

DD Audio -- Over 6 Million Combinations, Only ONE Choice.

Over 6 million combinations...

For the true custom car audio install, DD Audio offers over 6 million custom build subwoofer combinations. Our options range from the purely aesthetic to custom performance upgrades. We can provide color match options on DD logos, dust caps, cones, and frames. 

If you want the ultimate combination of durability and looks you can choose from several different composite material options for dust caps and cones. Our composite material options include Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, and woven fiberglass. All of our composite dust caps and cones are handmade right here in Oklahoma City, USA.

In the 3500, 9500, and Z series woofers we offer up to 6 copper and 2 aluminum coils options. We can accommodate requests for stiffer or softer suspensions to achieve specific performance needs. Our X-Stiff suspension is used in extreme high volume applications where additional coil control is needed, and our Soft suspension works great in SQ installs as well as sealed or smaller ported enclosures.


One of our newest options is the ability to SuperCharge your woofer. SuperCharging harnesses more of the subs motor force giving you increased source accuracy and coil control. With a customized DD woofer you get high-end car audio that is truly Built For You.

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In September we reached 20,000 fans on facebook. To celebrate and show our appreciation to our loyal fans we launched the 20,000 Fans Celebration Sweepstakes! One lucky fan won a custom DD1512 woofer and 20 other lucky fans won a DD SWAG package to show off their DD pride! If you haven't already, head over and join the fun. You never know when we'll decide to celebrate again!

20,000 Facebook fans!

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We'd like to thank Daniel Martin for his submission to our install of the month. Daniel is a student at the University of Michigan and has done his own installation work. Here's the info on Daniels project Mercedes!

95 Mercedes Benz C220
Highs/Mid Highs
- Rockford Fosgate T600-4  
- Polk MM6501 components (DD VO 6.5s and DD AT-28 coming soon)
-Polk MM651 Coax (DD VO 6.5s and DD AT-28 coming soon)
- JL Audio XD400/4
- 2 DD DDW6.5's
- DD M3a wired at .5 ohms
- 2 DD 9512 in 5 cubes net tuned at 39 HZ
- Knuconceptz Kollosus OFC wiring
- Big 3 completed + 2 more engine grounds
- XS Power D5100 + group 49 stock battery
- 145.1 sealed on dash (DD M1c), 146.1 sealed on dash (DDM3a), 148.6 inkick (DD M3a) (DD M3b coming soon)

September 2012 Install of the Month


1st orderAs we know, all tweeters require the use of protection from low frequencies, this being a high-pass filter. The term high-pass comes from the filter allowing high frequencies to pass, filtering off the frequencies below the set point.

All crossovers are not created equal, you might need to utilize a higher order crossover to ensure the safety and sound quality of the tweeters.

Since most of our customers tend to turn the volume to 11, DD cautions against using capacitor style, 1st order (6dB/oct) high-pass crossover. This type of crossover should only be used in select sound quality applications, where moderate listening volumes and power levels are below the rated power handling.

2nd orderThe next step up in protection is a 2nd order (12dB/oct), these consist of a capacitor and an inductor (coil). With the addition of the inductor, the crossover will provide a steeper roll-off rate which provides added protection.

DD's tweeter power handling ratings are based on the assumption of 12dB/oct- 5kHz high-pass filters, commonly found in component sets.

The highest level of low frequency protection will be provided by 4th order(24dB/oct) filters or higher. For optimal performance in all applications, DD recommends using electronic crossovers.

Failure to adhere to these recommendations commonly results in burning coils or over excursion and breakage of tinsel leads. Proper crossover selection adds the needed low frequency protection and improved sound quality.

So before you splice the next cap in-line with a tweeter, stop and think about your application. Your tweeters, and customers, will thank you for it.


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Dealer: Streamline Audio
Location: Vancouver, Washington, USA

We spoke with Jim, owner of Streamline, and here's a bit of what he had to say about his shop. "Streamline is truly the Vancouver area car audio specialist. We started looking for more unique brands that wouldn't be found in every chain store or normal car stereo shop in the area. Digital Designs is one of those brands and we have learned that in working with companies like DD, we have been able to offer our clients better products without having to charge them higher prices. Our client base is all over the map from kids who can barely afford to keep their cars running to guys who will wait months for a full custom build. Working with Digital Designs been a very cool experience and we will definitely keep it going."

Streamline Audio

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