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December Newsletter

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December 2012

DD S-Link

DD Audio's continuous search for the most convenient and "True To The Source" ways for our customers to enjoy their music has led to the production of our new S-Link Bluetooth receiver. This unit offers a simple solution to those wanting to integrate your mobile device or portable Mp3 player to an existing audio system without costly equipment upgrades. In addition, if you already own a set of our DDPM-151's, the S-link is fully compatible and will also work with the newer model that will be available soon.

DD S-linkWith the S-link any Bluetooth enabled device can stream music to a non-Bluetooth piece of equipment in your home or car audio system. The S-link also features a built in microphone allowing it to double as a hands free unit. The built in rechargeable battery gives you the freedom to use the S-Link when a power source for charging isn't available. The S-Link comes packaged with a 3.5mm audio cable and a 3.5mm to RCA adapter making it a plug and play solution for most applications.

S-Link technical specs >


DD Audio Logo
Every new year we start getting asked about what new woofers, amps or product line changes are coming. Many companies have been scurrying about Asia for new products to sell and this has created a Pavlovian response syndrome this time of year.

Our product development is centered around the feedback we have with our dealers around the world and tear-downs of all returned products. We look for trends in customer use, types of source units, source material and installation applications in the quest to make better products.

This has led to DD product innovations like EROM surrounds, Free Flow Cooling in the motors, heat dissipating voice coils, laminated spiders, laminated tinsel leads, Direct Connect wiring, Composite spiders and more.

Our sales, service and R&D teams are integrated with the goal of constant, incremental improvement. Our goal is to build great products, products we want to use ourselves. We persevere to build every unit to the same high standard because every customer deserves the best we have.

So, this year we will debut some new products, but they are based on our current lines, evolving the lines rather than finding a new deal. We are excited about what is coming and the new niches we will fill based on your feedback.

Thank you,
Jassa Langford


CXS Coax Speakers

We recently upgraded several features on our CS and CXS series with a mid-cycle refresh.

For both the CS and CXS we retooled the spider to increase mid-bass response, and added a secondary overcoat of glue to the spider/frame joint. This overcoat is similar to our subwoofer glue method and is especially helpful for customers living in areas experiencing extreme heat/cold cycles.

On the CXS we increased sound quality by replacing the Mylar dome T1 tweeter with our cloth dome T2 tweeter.

CXS 6.5
CXS5.2 with T2 Tweeter.

We also increased the install flexibility of the CXS series by designing it as a concentric component set. This gives the installer the ability to run the woofer and tweeter with separate amp channels. We also include an in-line, metalized polypropylene capacitor with the CXS for crossing the tweeter over when running the speakers in coaxial mode.

CXS wiring
Coax wiring on left and bi-amp wiring on right.

One design feature we kept on both series was the slim mount basket that allows them to be easily mounted in the confines of shallow door panels.

In response to repeated customer requests for a 6x8/5x7 solution, we now offer the AP-5.2 adaptor plate, which gives you the option to mount the CS5.2, CSX5.2, AW5.2, or an AW5.2 /AT28 combo into a factory 6x8/5x7 location.

Adapter Plate


DD Audio introduced the ddaudiotv youtube channel with it's first series, DD University (DDU) -- Tech Support Series. The first DDU installment, of many to come, featured the very anticipated DD reconing tutorial. There will also be product highlight videos and many more to come, stay tuned!

Check out the links below to watch some of the current videos and don't forget to subscribe to get the latest video updates!. If there's something specific you would like to see, send us your feedback and we'll do our best to make it happen.

DDU video

DDU Channel >

DDU video

DDU Reconing Tutorial >

DDU video

DDU Frame Cleaning >


Woofer Break In Part 1 - Why do new DD's need to break-in?

A subwoofer is a motor system; and, therefore, made up of moving parts. The parts that see the greatest amount of wear and tear are the surround and spiders, also known as the suspension. Most companies make spiders from a single piece of cloth saturated with resin and heat treated into a desired shape. As the speaker plays, the resin begins to break down. This softens the spiders and decreases the control of the speakers moving mass. The more a speaker is played, the more the resin breaks down until the only restoring force left is the cloth.

DD has been making speakers for over 25 years; and, over the course of this time, we've learned how to build better, longer lasting and higher performing suspensions. We utilize two types of spider assemblies that can be used in multiple arrays depending on what the specific application calls for. The first spider type is our version of the standard cloth spider. These spiders are comprised of multiple layers of resin impregnated cloth bonded together, then layered the same way plywood laminations are laid. This type of construction increases the spider's strength and uniformly spreads out destructive forces.

The second spider type is our new composite spider. Our proprietary design adds an extra layer of compressed foam rubber between the layers of cloth. Depending on the series of woofer, the composite spiders may have up to 1" of compressed foam sandwiched between the cloth layers. Our composite spiders will retain their stiffness for years after a standard cloth spider has worn completely out.

In making subs that will retain their ability to control the woofer for years to come, the spiders tend to start out a little over stiff. This is a good thing. With a DD suspension, the spiders will go through a break-in period, but once the woofers are past this stage you'll notice deeper bass, more dynamic range and increased output. So, you will need to be a little patient in the beginning weeks with your new DDs, but they will remain nice and firm forever.

Now that you know why you need to break-in your DDs, tune in for next month's Tech Tip where we'll go over initial break-in methods that will aid in the long term enjoyment of your woofers.


This month we head down to sunny Florida for our install of the month. When Chris, owner of Migraine Kustoms, started the build on his 2007 Chevy Tahoe, he was looking to build a system that not only played loud, but also had great sound quality. Chris has been involved in car audio for over 26 years. He said his favorite thing about DD is that whether you're looking to build a great sounding SQ vehicle or chasing down numbers on the SPL leader-board -- DD does it all! He decided to go full custom with the cosmetics of this install, and we think he did an impressive job.

System Setup
4 - DD9512's
2 - DDM3a's
6 - DDAW6.5's
6 - DDAT28's
2 - DDS4's
Clarion Headunit
Clarion EQ-7
Audio Control 3.2
300amp - Excessive Amperage Alternator
6 - Optima red-top batteries

December Install of the Month


Dealer: The Audio Edge
Location: Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

Tony Sabin has been involved in home and car audio in one form or another since he was a kid. Working his way up, he eventually became manager for db Speakerworks. In 1998, he opened up his own shop, The Audio Edge.

Tony was the shops only employee until he hired Mike Fuse as his first installer. Since that time, the shop has grown significantly with crew members, Jay Hines, as lead installer, and Ken Lamma and KeMo adding support.

We asked Tony how things have been going since they've added Digital Designs to their store and here's what he had to say. "One of the biggest differences we've noticed is that it has completely changed how we sell and install subwoofers. We build ten times more custom boxes than we had in the pas. Now we don't know what to do with all the flat woofers laying around that we can't sell."

He also added, "Customer's always come back with a friend to hear and buy Digital Designs. I was surprised that they offer bang for the buck products for everyone -- from the kid sacking groceries on a limited budget, to the power addicted dude who wants the baddest stuff available. The Audio Edge and Digital Designs got 'em covered."

The Audio Edge

Find a local dealer or start shopping at DD4Life.com.

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