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January Newsletter

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January 2013

DD 3512g

The 3500g series is built for long term, high power applications. It uses a 3" high temp voice coil driven with powerful motor strength using low moving mass, high rigidity and high energy to give that distinctive DD sound.

The "g" series changes include new cast baskets with more cooling and more excursion, surround improvements and our newest innovation; the DD Composite spider. DD Audio's years of continued loudspeaker research has led to the introduction of a new suspension system on our Made in America subwoofers; more linear, less hysteresis, better sounding and suffering from less breakdown than traditional cloth spiders. The proprietary DD Audio composite spiders enable our speakers to be pushed to even higher performance standards.

The 3500g Series have low moving mass, use a well controlled suspension and are powered by our own precision machined motor assemblies. We add in high performance features like EROM surrounds, Direct Connect and Free Flow Cooling to make the 3500g Series driver a perfect choice for a wide variety of system designs.

The 3500g Series can be optioned out with composite cones, composite dustcaps, supercharging, shorting rings, low Fs and Xstiff suspension along with a multitude of logo options.

The 3500g Series woofers have been part of award winning SQ systems, brutal ground-pounders, record setting SPL cars and countless enthusiast systems around the world.

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DD Audio Logo
We thank you all for doing business with us this past year. Due to all the changes happening in the merchandising world and the ever accelerating race to zero, we have to plan and find a way to not only make a living in the current climate, but also prosper. At times, it seems if you don't have crazy deep pockets, the world is bent on squeezing you out. As a small USA based manufacturer, we feel this pain every day.

We made quite a few changes this past year to make doing business in this industry better, and at the same time be more competitive within our industry. We will continue in the same vein, partnering with our brick and mortar specialists to build audio systems the big box shops can't even fathom.

This doesn't mean we can't compete on OEM upgrade systems, only showing our colors on mega-installs. If we are communicating our customer trends, together we can design and implement awesome, hair raising performance at every critical price point.

Again, thank you for staying the course, and as you pick your lines for the new year, we want to be there with you.

Thank you,
Jassa Langford



Woofer Break In Part 2 - How to break-in your DDs

Last month we went over the features that make our suspensions different, so this month we’ll go over two basic initial break-in methods that will aid in the longevity and enjoyment of your woofers.

The first break-in method is the in car method. For the initial break in period you simply turn your amp gain down, and/or turn your subsonic filter up to around 40 Hz for the first week (12 hours of play time). After the initial break in period, begin to slowly increase the gain and back the subsonic filter down to 30 Hz in intervals over the next week. The time it takes for this method will depend on how much play time the subs see. The more you play the subs the quicker they’ll break in.

The second method is to break the woofers in free air outside of the car. This method is a little more involved but can be done in one sitting. First, secure the subwoofers to avoid damage from movement due to vibration. After the woofer is secured, begin running test tones through the woofers at a volume that stretches the woofer’s suspension, but doesn’t overdrive the woofers to the point that damage occurs. The first tone played should be close to the FS of the woofer. Run the initial tone for 1-2 hours then drop the frequency by 1-2 Hz. Repeat this procedure until you reach the frequency where the woofer gains no more excursion height. Once you have run the woofer at max excursion for 1-2 hours you should be good to go. You will need to periodically check the sub to verify that it’s not being overdriven, which can cause the coil to get hot and damage to the suspension. This process will take 8-12 hours.

A new DD suspension will require a little patience and some initial break in, but in a couple weeks you’ll notice your subs playing deeper bass, with more dynamic range and increased output.

9500 Series

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CXS Coax Speakers

CXS 6.5We recently upgraded several features on our CS and CXS series with a mid-cycle refresh. For both the CS and CXS we retooled the spider to increase mid-bass response, and added a secondary overcoat of glue to the spider/frame joint. This overcoat is similar to our subwoofer glue method and is especially helpful for customers living in areas experiencing extreme heat/cold cycles.

On the CXS we increased sound quality by replacing the Mylar dome T1 tweeter with our cloth dome T2 tweeter. We also increased the install flexibility of the CXS series by designing it as a concentric component set. This gives the installer the ability to run the woofer and tweeter with separate amp channels. We also include an in-line, metalized polypropylene capacitor with the CXS for crossing the tweeter over when running the speakers in coaxial mode.

CXS wiring
Coax wiring on left and bi-amp wiring on right.

One design feature we kept on both series was the slim mount basket that allows them to be easily mounted in the confines of shallow door panels.

In response to repeated customer requests for a 6x8/5x7 solution, we now offer the AP-5.2 adaptor plate, which gives you the option to mount the CS5.2, CSX5.2, AW5.2, or an AW5.2 /AT28 combo into a factory 6x8/5x7 location.

Adapter Plate
AP-5.2 Adapter Plate

Adapter Plates


This month's install by Acy Newsom's in a 2004 Scion XD, proves that size really doesn't matter. Acy tells us he's been into car audio as a hobby close to 11 years. About 2 years ago he decided to take his hobby to the next level, and make it his full time gig working as an installer for MST Car Audio, in Prairieville, Louisiana. He purchased his first set of DD sub-woofers in 2007, and hasn't owned anything else since! You would think that in such a small car it would be difficult to get a big sound. We had the chance to hear this set up back in August at the Siknik car show, and we can tell you -- it sounds insane!

Kenwood DNX5160
(3)Kinetik HC1400
(1)BATCAP 400
DD CS-6.5 (front)
DD CXS-6.5 (rear)
DD C5C (highs)
DD M3A (bass)
SUBS: (4)DD2508-D4

January Install of the Month


Dealer: Migraine Kustoms
Location: Edgewater, Florida, USA

Chris started installing for friends when he was 14, long before he had a car of his own. After getting his first vehicle and completing his first large build, Chris was bitten by the SPL bug. From that point on, he made it a point to learn everything he could about system and enclosure design. After years of competing, a win at US nationals and countless other awards, Chris decided it was time to open his own shop. 26 years later Migraine Kustoms is still going strong.

When asked how Digital Designs has effected his business, here's what Chris had to say. "Digital Designs has brought an entire different level of quality to our business. The dynamics of the subwoofers are unparalleled by any other driver on todays market. In sound quality, the smooth transition from tone to tone due to the multiple spiders, and very controlled suspension and the accuracy and delivery is unmatched. The term, SQL, is a true definition of these drivers. We have thousands of cars worth of experience, have heard and installed just about every woofer on the market. For quality and output we always find ourselves steering customers towards our DD section. I haven't had a single customer in all the years I've been a DD dealer say they weren't satisfied."

Migraine Kustoms

Find a local dealer or start shopping at DD4Life.com.

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