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February Newsletter

The DDownlow

DD Product Feature

February 2013

Made for each other

The S4b is a purpose built sound quality amplifier for those who don't like to compromise. The output devices are matched, low tolerance, audio grade transistors, PCB components are low tolerance parts, bias is tightly controlled and global feedback kept to a minimum. The op amps are hi-grade Burr Brown devices on a heavy weight copper trace PCB.

Separate high pass and low pass 24dB/oct filters with 10x switch allow for precise system control. The input jacks are a high-end through bolted design with heavy gauge power and speaker blocks for the most efficient signal transfer.


The staggered output allows high headroom for tweets and mids to hit dynamic transients without stress or strain. You get music delivered as it was intended, True To The Source.

The DDA Separates are a collaboration between DD Audio and Anselm Adrian, a world renown designer of some of the finest SQ systems in Europe. These drivers are packed with all the technology enhancement techniques required for low distortion/purest signal delivery possible.

The cones are a treated, light weight aluminum for precision transients without slurring the signal. The rubber surrounds provide optimum edge damping without clamping upper harmonics. Copper capped pole pieces ensure inductance control for life-like vocal detail.

Feature for feature, the DDA comps are comparable to any comps, at any price. When a system is designed for fully active separates, the S4b and DDA are made for each other, made for making that morning drive something to look forward to.

DDA German Components

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Amplifier StrappingDD Amp Strapping

There seems to be some confusion out there as to how and why one would want to strap or daisy chain our Class D monoblock amplifiers. So if you've ever questioned this process before, or didn't even know you could strap your M-Series Amps, this month's tech tip is just for you.

What is strapping?

When you strap two mono amps together you're doing the same thing as when you bridge a stereo amplifier. It references the negative voltage rails of the two different amplifiers, and then inverts one of the positive input signals, allowing the load to be connected across the positive voltage rails. To download a PDF of the manual Click Here.

How to Strap.

  1. Connect the master amp to the RCA outputs of your head unit.
  2. Set master amp's master/ slave switch to output master
  3. Connect the master and slave amp's RCA jacks as in the diagram
  4. Set slave amp's master/slave switch to input slave
  5. Connect speaker cable (+) on master amp to subwoofer (+)
  6. Connect speaker cable (+) on master amp to subwoofer (-)
  7. Connect speaker cable (-) on master amplifier to speaker cable (-) on slave amplifier.
  8. Set the gains and crossovers on the master amp to the desired settings.

Common Questions

Q: Can I strap two different amps?
A: No, The amplifiers need to be the exact same model of amplifier. This means no M2as strapped to M2bs or old M4s strapped to new M4s. If you strap two different amps together they may produce sound, but you run the risk of damaging your woofers, amps, or both.

Q: Do you get more power out of your amps if you strap them?
A: No, Your strapped output will be the output of the amps by themselves added together. For example two 1,000 watt amps strapped will have 2,000 watts of output potential.

Q: When I strap two 1 ohm stable amps what is the lowest impedance I can run on them?
A: Our amplifiers are designed to be stable at 2 ohms in strapped mode.

Q: Why would I want to strap my amps instead of run them separately?
A: The main reason for strapping your amps is to eliminate the need to level match multiple gains and crossovers when using multiple amps.

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DDU videoIn case you missed it, check out our latest video of Douglas from DD giving you the ddownlow on our LE-M series. Don't forget to subscribe to get the latest video updates!. Send us your feedback, we'd love to hear what you think.


This month's install comes from Ross Macherzak, a student that when not in class, can be found working on the system of his 2008 Saab 93. Ross first got in to the hobby when he was 16, and at the age of 21 he doesn't see himself slowing down anytime soon. His first system was relatively small, but after sometime it was clear that wasn't going to be enough. Ross had tried several different brands of equipment, and was always a fan of Digital Designs. Once he took the plunge and finally purchased his first products from DD, he said, "I immediately realized what all the hype was about. DD has pushed my system, and my SPL to a whole new level and I am one step closer to my goal of a 150db trunk score."

System Setup
2 - DD9512i's
2 - DDM2b Amplifiers
2 - DDVO6.5's
Pioneer Premier Head-unit
XS Power D3100+3400 Batteries

February Install of the Month


Dealer: U.S. Audio Nerdz
Location: Fort Worth, Texas, USA

This month we'd like to introduce you to Audio Nerdz, one of our dealers from right here in the U.S. They are fairly new to the DD family, and so far it has been a great partnership for all involved.

We got the chance to talk with Wade from Audio Nerdz and asked him to tell us about his history in car audio. He said it all started for him at the age of 13 by installing things for friends, family and anyone else who needed help. By the time he was 16, word had gotten out that he was "the guy" to see in his town if you needed any type of car audio work done. At the same time, he made the decision that this is what he wanted to do as a career. He worked at a few shops in his home state of New York, specializing in aesthetically and cosmetically pleasing installs, but it wasn't satisfying his need to build ground shaking, attention getting systems. It was then that he decided to immerse himself in the world of SPL.

Fast forward a few years and countless installs later in Texas, where he opened up Audio Nerdz in January of 2010, serving the Dallas/Ft Worth market. Shortly after opening, Wade hired Brian O'Hara after only having a 5 minute conversation. Since then, business has been on a steady increase for these guys.

When they were looking to expand their product lines they wanted to do something that would set them apart from other shops, and take them to the next level. After careful consideration, they decided that Digital Designs was the only way to go. They like that the line has something for everyone. Whether you're looking to build a great sounding daily driver, or an SPL monster!

Audio Nerdz

Find a local dealer or start shopping at DD4Life.com.

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