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May 2012 Newsletter

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May 2013

M-Series Amps

M-Series Amps

For over 10 years the DD M-Series amps have been a GO-TO source for installers and competitors alike. Throughout the lifespan of the M-Series our engineering staff has continuously been on the lookout for ways to make the M-Series perform better, and be more reliable than any other high current amps in the industry.

These are not off-the-shelf amps or bargain hunted "New Models" produced just in time for CES. We take an evolutionary approach to design, based on our dealer and customer feedback. This design approach allows us to update and upgrade parts in the amp's circuitry according to our customers actual performance needs.

Car audio is an abusive application by nature, so we designed the M-Series to handle as much punishment as possible. We use higher current MOSFETS and output devices, higher wattage driver transistors, and higher spec op-amps than would be normally specified in each power class. These higher rated devices allow extra headroom for power demands and added margin of error when the system is overloaded. We only use electronic components from the best manufacturers in the industry like: International Rectifier, Fairchild, BurrBrown, and JRC. This insures not only the highest level of quality and performance, but also allows our amps to be easily serviced in the rare event of a breakdown.

Our PC boards are FR4 grade with 4oz copper traces. All M-Series PC boards are spray coated for resistance to water, humidity and corrosive environments.

M-Series power supplies are based on the designs innovated for our legendary Z2-LV amplifier. When the Z2-LV was introduced it was the highest output, high efficiency, low voltage amplifier the industry had ever seen. We implemented the same Z2-LV style of power supply technology into the M-Series long before it became a selling point for other companies. Our advancements in power supply design give our customers a better bass experience on real world battery voltages. We aren't concerned about peak ratings on 16 volt battery banks; we want our amps to deliver power where it's needed.

M80 Amp

M-Series amplifiers are fully loaded with all the features you could ever want on a high-end sub amp. We use rugged through bolted RCA jacks, oversized block terminals, and recessed pre-amp controls. The preamp has 24dB/oct subsonic and low pass crossovers for accurate tuning. The M-Series also includes a remote gain control that will not allow the user to exceed the gain set on the amplifier chassis. A second feature of the remote gain control is an accurate clipping indicator that continuously monitors and alerts the listener to distortion in the output signal. The heatsink has a sleek flat black anodized chassis with an engraved DD logo, and is virtually 100% covered in heat radiating fins. Our heatsink design and board layout allows the M-Series to deliver James Bond power from infinitesimally small chassis. So for one install, designers can have their cake and eat it too.

For more detailed specs visit ddaudio.com.


DD Toolbox iOS App

DD Toolbox Icon The DD Toolbox iOS app is officially available for download via iTunes. Inside the toolbox you'll find several useful tools for setting up and analyzing your DD car audio system. Since installers have a lot going on while setting up a system, we designed the DD Toolbox layout to be installer friendly. We made the tool icons extra large, and you're able to easily swipe between tools. The tools included are a Wattage Calculator, Tone Generator, DD Box calculator, About DD page, and to round it out we included a flashlight. A cool DD Toolbox feature not found on other apps, is the ability to use multiple tools at once. For instance, you can use the Tone Generator while punching numbers into the Wattage Calculator, all the while illuminating your trunk with the flashlight. The DD Toolbox is a free download. Future updates will include a paid version with additional tools and an Android compatible version.

DD Toolbox pages

Here's a quick rundown of the included tools:

Wattage Calculator: This tool uses Ohm's law to determine the actual amplifier wattage output and impedance rise of your system. You can use this function to construct a power/impedance cure which will help optimize your system.

Tone Generator: This tool is able to generate any tone for 20Hz-20kHz. You can use the slider or keypad to adjust the frequency. This tool can be used in conjunction with the Wattage Calculator to construct your power/impedance curve.

DD Box Calculator: DD woofers and The DD Box system were developed together to extract the highest efficiency from a given box volume. The DD Box system takes the guesswork out of enclosure design by optimizing the tuning, and making woofer recommendations for your music and enclosure space.

Flashlight: Believe it or not this tool gives you the ability to see in the dark. What's even cooler is you can toggle it on/off from every page of the app.

About DD: From this page you have direct links to DD's Tech Email, Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube channel. This way you're always only one tap away from a wealth of DD knowledge!

DD Toolbox Click here to view a detailed video on all the DD toolbox features.


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Our install this month belongs to Vince LaMere. He also happens to be a customer of our featured dealer this month. Vince has always had some sort of system in his ride for as long as he can remember. The past couple of years he started doing a bit of competing. Originally his setup consisted of a single DD9515, powered by the DDM3a. But after a while, that just didn't seem to cut it. So, Vince decided to GO BIG! Instead of using his back seats to give people rides, he decided to wall off his 2003 Pontiac Grand Am GT. The current set up now features a pair of DD9518's along with the DDM4a! So far, in preliminary testing, he has hit 151.7db, and 154.3db outside the door. We are eager to see what his official numbers will be this season.

Install of the Month


Dealer: Sound Source
Location: Pocatello, Idaho, USA

Sound Source has been in business since March of 2001. Serving Pocatello, and surrounding areas with excellent customer service and quality installs. Kyle Bluemel, Owner, has been in the Car Audio industry for almost 30 years, and still personally handles some of the install duties. Anything from a simple head-unit install, up to full custom home theater, and commercial installations. Brian Kleinsmith, Store Manager, has been in the car audio industry for 12 years, and has been managing Sound Source for 9 years. Logan Timpson, Shop Manager, has been in the Car audio industry for 8 years and has been at Sound Source for 4 years. Logan does all custom car audio builds, and has built all custom jobs that feature Digital Designs. In addition, he has been involved in the competition scene for several years. Heath Mckinney, Install Technician, has been in the car audio industry for 7 years in which does all the day to day car audio installs and some sales. New on board is Jeff Damewood, he is training to become an install tech, and has been in the car audio industry for 4 months.

Sound Source hosts several sound competitions every year. This year's first event will be held May 18th with over $1000 in prizes. They're expecting this event it to have their biggest turnout yet! Brian said, since they've brought Digital Designs in to their product mix it has has dominated their competitions!

Sound Source

Install of the Month

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