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July 2013 Newsletter

The DDownlow

DD Product Feature

July 2013

Marine Treated VO Series

The summer heat is finally here and with it comes boat season. At some point, most people with a recreational boat of any type will want to upgrade their audio system. Several companies offer separate marine and car audio lines, but it can be difficult deciding which equipment selections will best stand up to the elements. Most marine systems are judged on how well they stack up to car audio, and luckily you are already using some of the greatest car audio equipment in the world. DD Audio makes it easy to make your marine selections because all of our products are manufactured with water/weather resistant features making them well suited for both applications.

VO-M6.5 and VO-MM6.5

We have a water resistant coating applied to the PCB of every DD amp. The CS and CXS speakers feature polycoated cone, and coated baskets for added water resistance. For the VO-Series woofers we offer the option of having a marine treatment applied at our facility making them perfect for high output marine applications. Just like the the coaxials, all DD subwoofers come stock with a water resistant polycoated cones and coated baskets for additional resistance to the elements.

Simply put, we don't just paint our baskets white and charge you more for the same thing.

DD S-Link Now Available


DD Amp Heat is the number one killer of mobile audio equipment, so we should all take extra precaution when temperatures swell during the summer.

Thanks to the greenhouse effect, the interior of your vehicle can reach a temperature up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the outside temperature. The same is true for enclosed amp racks on boats. This means your amp may be starting out at 125+ degrees, before you even turn it on. This is just a couple of rocking songs away from thermal protection, or worse, amp failure.

Fan ExampleA simple and inexpensive way to provide some relief for your hard working equipment is to add a fan, or two, to your install. We recommend placing the fans as close as possible to the amplifier(s) allowing for maximum air movement down the rails of the heat sink. You can use a pair of small square computer style fans and set up a push/pull system, or you can use a high velocity cross flow fan. Both styles draw minimal amperage and can easily be ran off existing power sources already at the amp when used in conjunction with a simple relay turn on circuit.

Our tests averaged a 25 degree sustained temperature reduction at the heat sink, once we added a fan. This enabled our test amps to go from thermal protection after 15-20 minutes of play, to running under their thermal cutoff limits all day long. That made both, us and our amps happy. So, have fun this summer and stay cool.


VideoVisit our youtube channel to watch our newest product spotlight video featuring our M Series Amplifiers. Don't forget to subscribe while you're there, and be the first to know when we upload new videos!


Check out this sweet video from Brett Arceneaux featuring four DD9518i D2's. In the SPL world it hits 157dB sealed on the dash, and 160+ in the kick. It also does 30 second music averages in the high 158dB in the kick at 46hz, and high 155dB averages in the kick at 27hz. Here is a rundown of the system in his 2003 Ford F150 Crew Cab.

Fan video 4 - DD9518i D2
2 - M4a
7 - Northstar NSB90's
1 - Mike Singer 350 amp Alternator


Summer is here, which means competition season for the car audio world is in full swing! This month we are going to check in with competitor Cody Allard. Cody has been competing for about 4 years. During that time he has accumulated multiple local show wins, and several multi-point event wins. All of those leading up to his 2012 World Title finish in the Bass Race category, with a score of 129.9dB!

Cody told us that as a competitor that uses his system as a daily driver he wanted a brand that could out perform the competition, and also give him superior sound day in and day out. After trying several other brands, he switched his set up to Digital Designs. There was really no comparison, and he saw immediate gains in his scores. Lastly, Cody told us, "There is a certain prestige associated with the Digital Designs brand, and I am personally happy to say that I am a part of it."

Just last month, Cody took first place in IASCA amateur 1, and Cruiser-weight Bass Boxing. For the the Slamology show he took first place in amateur 1, and Cruiser-weight Bass Boxing along with second in bass race with a score of 129.9dB.

July Install of the Month

See a detailed picture of the install below.


Dealer: Oklahoma Customs
Location: Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Located in the Heartland of the United States, Oklahoma Customs is one of Oklahoma City's premier custom car shops. Owners Mark Parks and Jason Mitchell along with lead installer Johnny Nicholas took some time to tell us about the business and how customers are responding to Digital Design products.

Having worked in various shops for over 10 years before branching out on their own, Mark and Jason wanted to offer only top of the line components to their customers. Digital Designs was an easy first choice for the shop since they had years of experience with the products, and the company was located in the same city. Oklahoma Customs opened its doors in 2010 and has since then, offered Digital Designs components and accessories as their main line. Since making DD Audio it's flagship brand, they've received nothing but rave reviews on the product. Oklahoma Customs offers tint, security, audio, custom fabrication, wheels, tires, and accessories. When it comes to cars, trucks, boats, RV's and motorcycles; they offer everything needed for full customization of your vehicle.

When asked why Oklahoma Customs uses DD as their go to brand, Parks said, "Digital Designs continually goes above and beyond by providing great products and service across the board."

OKlahoma Customs

Install of the Month

Find a local dealer or start shopping at DD4Life.com.

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