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November 2013 Newsletter

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November 2013



QUALITY for the masses,
from a WORLD-CLASS audio brand.

In our continuous strive to evolve the DD Audio brand, and the range of products we offer our customers, we are pleased to introduce the REDLINE subwoofer series.

We believe in quality for the masses. The budget-minded audio enthusiast should be able to get quality car audio that fits in to their price range. The REDLINE is our answer to that -- a series that is hand-built to our exact specifications with the highest quality materials to provide the performance you demand, at the price you want.

These subs are an import line hand-built to the same demanding standards, featuring the same DD Audio innovations as our Made in the USA subs. DD Audio has already proven we can produce high quality import subs with the success of our very popular 500 series. The REDLINE will not be sold online, and will have the same dealer territory protection available as our other car audio products. We fully stand behind the quality of this product, and any service repairs will be done at our USA facility.

What does this mean for customers and dealers?

The REDLINE is a great entry point into DD Audio products. It's no longer a "someday" buy, but something the customer can afford much easier right now. That means more customers become DD Audio 4 Life much sooner than before. Introducing the REDLINE doesn't just broaden our customer base; it broadens our whole family of products. Now there are more DD Audio choices for both customers and dealers than ever before.

How does this change our "Made in the USA" lines?

The introduction of the REDLINE will actually allow us to improve our "Made in the USA" lines even more. While the REDLINE is serving budget-minded customers with quality products, we'll be able to focus more of our research and development resources on niche sub-woofers for true audio enthusiasts. So, now we'll be able to give our customers even more of what they want -- quality built speakers that are truly unique and True to the Source.

redline box REDLINE Features:

EROM Surrounds
Cast Aluminum or Steel frame
High Temperature Coils
Chrome Terminals
Laminated Tinsel Leads
Triple Vented Motor
Double stitched surrounds
Wet-look, Non-press cones

Technical Specs:

200 Series - 70 oz magnet with bumped back plate, 2" voice coil, 2 layer spider, 100-300RMS/900 peak, S4

500 Series - 90 oz double magnet, 2" voice coil, 2 layer spider, 150-400 RMS/1200 peak, D2 - D4

600 Series - 130 oz double magnet, 2.5" voice coil, 3 layer spider, 300-600 RMS/1800 peak, D2 - D4 608 - Heavy duty 8" sub, 100 oz double magnet, 2.5" voice coil, 2 layer spider, cast frame, 300-600 RMS/1800 peak, D2 - D4

700 Series - 225 oz triple magnet, 3.0" voice coil, 4 layer spider, cast frame, 600-1200 RMS/3600 peak, D2 - D4

For full specs and details on the REDLINE Series click here to visit our website.




Redline Series


DD Audio Voice Optimized

DD VO Family

For this months Tech Tip we wanted to show you different ways our customers are using DD Audio equipment to blur the lines between traditional PA, car, and home specific audio.

One such growing trend is customers using multiple PA style drivers to attain a desired volume level inside and outside the vehicle. This trend started in South America and has quickly gained popularity in the US over the last couple of years.

iHeart Radio van install

DD Audio's answer to this trend is the VO Series. These drivers are a magical hybrid of a traditional PA driver and a hi-end audiophile car driver, and can be a powerful tool in your custom audio arsenal.

Red Coyote Running install

One of the unique design features that set the VO series apart from similar drivers on the market is the SuperCharged motor technology. This technology offers ultra high output, efficiency and control in the midrange frequency band.

VO door

Just like high-end audiophile speakers, the VOs have highly effective shorting rings reducing distortion and controlling inductance. The cones are curvilinear shaped to smooth midrange frequency response and the compressed foam surrounds dampen any cone break up. The result is crisp, clear and smooth frequency response without the harshness associated with many PA style drivers. The VO Series is offered in five sizes, so no matter how much or how little space you're working with, you can maximize the level of output from a given area.

Frequency Club install

We've also seen a growing number of DD Audio subwoofers being used in home audio and PA applications with a high level of success. Since DD Audio subwoofers are designed for the harsh car audio environment even our lower power class 1500 Series subs are overbuilt when compared to many of the big name home audio and PA subwoofers. With an abundance of custom build options such as lighter suspensions and multiple coil impedances, the savvy installer can dial in the specific subwoofer needed for the application.

So the next time you're presented with a unique audio opportunity think outside the box, remember, it's DD Audio not just DD Car, DD PA, or DD Home Audio.

DD VOM-6.5



VideoVisit our youtube channel to watch our newest product spotlight video featuring our M Series Amplifiers. Don't forget to subscribe while you're there, and be the first to know when we upload new videos!


The Install of the Month comes to us from Jason Harrington. Jason started competing with car audio in 1994 at the age of 17, but until recently hadn't used DD Audio product in his builds. He said, "Although I didn't start using DD for my own systems until this year I've always been fascinated with the performance and sound quality of the DD Audio products. Every time I attended a show I was envious of those who had DD products because I knew they had the best equipment on the market."

Jason went on an 8 year car audio hiatus, but he knew from the start of this build he wanted to use DD Audio. He wanted to do something different with his install so the veritable cornucopia of custom options combined with what he already knew about the product sealed the deal. Jason said, "At first I wasn't concerned with getting back into competition; I only wanted to thoroughly enjoy listening to music in my car. I started back with the basic equipment to achieve the desired sound, but somehow I ended up with much more and found myself competing again."

See equipment list below.


Dealer: Low Low Auto Audio & Accessories
Location: Hampton Roads, VA, USA

Low Low Auto Audio & Accessories has been in business for roughly two and a half years, but owner & Installer Gabe Hart has been experimenting with car audio since he was 14. Gabe said he started installing professionally because he was tired of seeing less than quality stereo installs in his area, and knew he could do a better job. In June 2011, Gabe opened his doors and the ears of audio lovers everywhere by offering high quality professional installations with competition grade sound. Gabe is well known in the area for not only providing top notch car stereo installs, but custom enclosure fabrication as well. Gabe enjoys making people comfortable with their purchases by assuring them the install quality and the equipment will both be top of the line. This is why DD Audio is his go to brand. He said, "I love DD equipment because it's easy to match customers up with whatever best suits their needs".

Since introducing the Hampton Roads area to car audio competition the Low Low Audio Sound Team has dominated their local scene. At Spring Break Nationals 2013 they took first place with an incomplete vehicle that was exclusively filled with DD Audio. Every major trophy that Gabe's team has taken in competition has been with DD Audio products. One of Gabe's favorite things about giving demos with DD is seeing the expression on people's faces when the sound quality put out by the DD Audio equipment catches them totally off guard.

One of Gabe's proudest moments in competition this year was while using DD Audio products he broke 160db and his windshield at the same time with under 10,000 watts. Gabe's motto is "Use the Best, Be the Best" and you can see it in every aspect of his business.

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