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December 2013 Newsletter

The DDownlow

Product Feature

December 2013

LE-M Enclosures

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the audio freak in your life, but don't want to spend the whole holiday budget in one place then look no further because DD has the solution for you. Pair one of our LE-M loaded enclosures with a DD Audio amp and your gift is sure to be the hit of the season.

The LE-M Series is the 3rd generation of our plug-and-play loaded enclosures aimed at filling your car with big sound while taking up minimal cargo space.

For the LE-M enclosures we reworked our popular LE enclosures and decreased the overall footprint. This opens up many more installation possibilities. Cabinet construction is 5/8" MDF with fully sealed seams. The 6.5" mini uses a slot port, and the 8", 10" and 12" minis use flared port designs to minimize air turbulence at high output.

These Mini-Sized enclosures use a high efficiency 300 Series sub loaded into a compact version of the DDBox system. The 300 Series subs feature the same high temperature voice coils that other brands use in their top of the line models. It also boasts a powerful double stack motor making it one one of the best performing subs in it's class.

CM600 and C2c amps The 300 Series sub that's loaded into the LE-M has a power handling of 200/500 watts and uses a single 4 ohm voice coil. That impedance and power handling matches up perfectly with our C2c or CM600 amplifiers. The C2c makes 320 watts when it's ran bridged at 4ohms. The CM600 is billed as a 600 watt 2ohm amp but it will easily produces 300 watts when it presented with a 4ohm load. If you choose the CM600 you'll have enough power on reserve that you can upgrade to a second 4ohm woofer if the bass craving outgrows a single sub setup.

LE-M Enclosure

For full specs and details on the DD LE-M Series Series click here to visit our website.


Customize your Sub

We're pleased to announce the launch of the Build Your Own Subwoofer Wizard! Now You don't have to wonder what different color combinations will look like, because you can see them all before you make the big decision! The Subwoofer Wizard you can customize aesthetic options such as dust cap color and material, cone color and material, logo size and color, dust cap size, logo style and color, and subwoofer size and model. Our composite material options include Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, and woven fiberglass. In case you didn't know, all of our composite dust caps and cones are handmade right here in Oklahoma City, OK, USA!

Customize your Sub

You can also choose from a variety of custom powder coated frame colors. This option will be added soon to the Build Your Own Subwoofer Wizard. Other options to come later are 3 quarter and 3D views, spec information, and pricing.

On top of the aesthetic options, there are several performance upgrades we offer that can be added when you place your order. Those options include Extra Stiff Suspension, Low Impedance Voice Coils, and Super Charging.

From now until December 24th, 2013 ask your local dealer about special pricing on 3500 and 9500 Series subs and additional discounts on custom options! That's right, The Once in a Lifetime 3500 and 9500 Series SALE! Did you miss Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Have no fear DD December is here!

PLUS, additional discounts are available on the following custom options:
Extra Stiff Suspension
Low Impedance Voice Coils
Super Charging
DD and DDA color Logos
Custom Dust Caps
Powered Coated Frames
All custom built cones!

*Participating dealers. *U.S. Domestic Sales only.



Digital Design's Free Flow Cooling System (patent pending)

Heat is the Achilles heel of a speaker and causes burned coils, melted glues, blistered coil formers and multitudes of other deaths, by fiery ends. To put it simply, the cooler you keep the voice coil, the more efficient the speaker is and the longer it's life will be. DD Audio's Free Flow Cooling System was designed to increase the airflow in and out of the speaker motor thus providing significantly better cooling of the voice coil and motor.


DD Audio's Free Flow Cooling System effectively turns every speaker into an air pump, the harder the speaker is driven, the more air that is pumped to the coil. The traditional pole vent does little to dissipate heat build up in the coil. This build up occurs much quicker than the slight cooling effect of the air moving through the pole piece can wick away. This is where we saw an opportunity to utilize this largely wasted air movement created by the natural movement of the speaker. The up and down motion of the speaker is harnessed to pump cooling air throughout the motor and voice coil in order to lower the working temperatures. The key is to cool the coil, not just the pole.

Free Flow Cooling System


Pole Vents

The Free Flow Cooling System uses a restricted pole vent which creates some back pressure in the top section of the pole. Cross drilled holes run from the center of the vent and exit out the sides of the pole piece. These cross drilled holes direct the back pressure in the vent directly to the inside of the voice coil former. These cross drilled vents are then staggered down the length of the pole piece to keep the cooling air following the coil throughout its range of motion. The voice coil is cooled from the top of the stroke, to the bottom of the stroke.


Bottom Plate Vents

Most models offer additional heat exhaust through machined vents that run through the bottom plate. These vents connect the inside of the voice coil gap to the outside of the motor, removing heat and drawing cool air into the motor.


Top Plate Vents

The action of the spider resembles the action of a billows under excursion. The Free Flow Cooling System uses this air action by directing the flow into angled channels machined into the top plate voice coil gap. The action of the spider blows cooling air directly to the voice coil windings on every stroke.


Voice Coil Vents Our voice coil formers are built with materials the exhibit high heat conductivity and designed with additional cooling vents.


We're having all the motor parts electroplated black to double the thermal transfer from the coil to the motor parts. These motor parts are then cooled by the machined vents and the pumping air. Please note: The black backplate is a running change and at time of this mailing the 2500 and 9500 models have begun shipping with this added feature. The 1500 and 3500 models will be making this transition over the next couple of months.

The Free Flow Cooling System makes for a very thermally stable speaker, that is better equipped than competing brands to handle the daily abuses that car audio subs go through. Pretty cool, huh?


VideoVisit our youtube channel to watch our newest product spotlight video featuring our M Series Amplifiers. Don't forget to subscribe while you're there, and be the first to know when we upload new videos!



Our install this month comes from audio enthusiast and competitor, Chris Grant. After looking at several car audio options, Chris decided to go with Digital Designs. After the switch he noticed his scores increased, as did the sound quality of his system. His favorite combo so far is a pair of custom built SuperCharged 9915's powered by a pair of DDM4a's.

In order to cram all his gear into the trunk of his daily driver, he literally spent hundreds of hours designing and building his box and amp rack. He ended up engineering a unique port that actually goes underneath the box, and uses the spare tire well as the fiberglass mold. After making some last minute changes to his system, he was able to gain 2.6dB on his music score, and finished out the season with a record setting 139.6dB in the Midwest SPL Extreme Trunk class! We would like to thank him, as well as all of the other competitors who have made Digital Designs their choice!


Dealer: Sound Connection Inc.
Location: Brainerd, MN, USA

Dealer of the Month

This month we would like to spotlight a company and its CEO from the frozen tundra known as Minnesota. Ben Larson began his dream of owning his own business 18 years ago when he opened Sound Connection Inc. in the then, small town of Brainerd, MN. Since its inception, Sound Connection Inc. has steadily grown to two stores (Brainerd, MN and St Joseph, MN) and has a total of 10 employees. Ben knows a thing or two about mobile electronics as he was named one of the "Top 100 Installers" and his stores have earned him two consecutive "Top 50 Retailer" awards from Mobile Electronics Magazine. Ben had the following to say of Digital Designs, "I'm looking forward to the partnership between Digital Designs and Sound Connection Inc. I feel the product represents a great value that our customers will benefit from. The sub-woofers are very well made, perform great and are less expensive than comparable sub-woofer models offered by other manufacturers. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

Dealer of the Month

Install of the Month
Install of the Month

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