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February 2014 Newsletter

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February 2014

DD Audio BC6.5

BC6.5 (Available End of Q1)

DD Audio is known for big power and big bass, but even some of our die hard fans overlook our offerings when it comes to multi channel amps, mids and highs. With the introduction of our BC6.5 components and the redesigned C Series amps we're expanding our focus on affordably priced products that offer a high level of sound quality and install flexibility.

The BC6.5 components are based on our popular A-Series German components, and you'll notice many similar features. The 6.5" midrange driver features an anodized aluminum cone, and the motor and moving parts have been optimized to produce a wide bandwidth of silky smooth mid range. The 30mm aluminum dome, vented back tweeter handles high frequencies with sonic excellence, and comes with an array of mounting options. Completing the set is an eye pleasing, 12dB/oct, bi-ampable passive crossover network. The BC6.5 components are sure to satisfy fidelity purists.

New C Series Models (Available End of Q1)

DD C3dThe C Series is known for being the go-to amplifiers in DD's arsenal when both, price and performance is required. For the newly redesigned C Series, we shrunk the footprint allowing it to be used in more spaced constrained applications, and we increased the fidelity making them the perfect complement to any Sound Quality system. These new models will be offered in 150 watts x 2 @4ohm, and 80 watts x 4 @4ohm. Both amps feature a compact 7"x13" chassis that has been retooled to aesthetically match the M and SS Series amplifiers. Both amps are discrete class A/B designs on a double sided PCBs, packed with a laundry list of top shelf components.

DD C3dAlso new for the C Series are fully adjustable bandpass crossover networks that go to 5kHz on the high pass side allowing for larger array of applications, and a remote gain control with an output clipping indicator LED. Some other notable new features we added during the redesign include set screw speaker/power terminals and panel mount RCAs.

DD C3d panels

With these latest additions and redesigns, there are more reasons than ever for your installs to be 100% DD.

DD PM-151 Studio Monitors, now available



Several DD Audio speakers ranging from the Audiophile Components to the 9900 Series Subs are equipped with a magical thing called a shorting ring. Most audio enthusiasts have heard of shorting rings but find themselves asking the questions, "What exactly is a shorting ring, and why would I want one in my speaker?" Well, here's a quick breakdown.

DD Shorting RingA shorting ring is by definition a secondary winding of a transformer that is short circuited. When the primary winding or voice coil moves within the speaker motor it will generate back EMF (electromotive force) -- a voltage opposite of that which is driving it. So, at the same time an amplifier is trying to drive the speaker, the coil in the speaker is simultaneously trying to drive a counter-signal back into the amplifier.

Back EMF is a parasitic current flow that can consume a considerable amount of energy, cause a harmful rise in coil temperature and distort the flux in the magnetic gap. The effects of back EMF will in turn cause audible signal distortion and inductance/impedance rise, which will reduce high frequency output. By adding the secondary shorted winding, or shorting ring, back EMF is absorbed and dissipated as heat which helps to eliminate undesirable effects.

Plus, as an added bonus especially in high power applications, the thermal mass of the shorting ring can help to pull heat off the voice coil.

DD Shorting Ring

Shorting rings can come in several configurations. For our US built subwoofers we add a machined billet aluminum ring to the top of the pole during assembly. This billet aluminum ring is 12-25mm thick, painted black with a curvelinear inside taper to eliminate airflow noise. Aluminum is a highly effective heatsink and augments the DD Free Flow Cooling System in keeping coil temperatures as low as possible.

Higher frequencies tend to generate more back EMF, so we go one step further with our mid range drivers by sleeving the sides and top of the pole with copper. The copper sleeve in the magnet gap decreases the magnetic energy because the copper takes up some room in the gap. DD offsets this by either using a hybrid Neo motor design to increase the flux in the gap or using a larger ferrite magnet to increase the flux density. These techniques further raise the production costs which is the main reason copper sleeves are found only on the most expensive drive units.

DD Shorting Ring

The cost of adding shorting ring features to a loudspeaker is significant, but by doing so we're able to provide our customers with a better sounding more efficient speaker.


VideoVisit our youtube channel to watch our newest product spotlight video featuring our M Series Amplifiers. Don't forget to subscribe while you're there, and be the first to know when we upload new videos!

Build Your Own Woofer Wizard


This months feature comes from our Dealer Spotlight, 1:18 AutoWorx. Every aspect of this build was fully hands on for the 1:18 crew. They started by completely removing all the interior to allow for sound deadening treatment on all surfaces from ceiling to floor. Then, they moved on to paint for a total color change. After that, the guys got down to the serious business of the audio install. As a full service shop, their goal was to build a vehicle that would showcase everything their shop has to offer. We think they did a great job in what you see here. This build has it all sound quality, big bass, PA, and some sweet in car video.

Install of the Month


Dealer: 1:18 AutoWorx
Location: Sikeston, MO, USA

1:18 AutoWorx, located in Sikeston, MO, opened it's doors on August of 2011. Originally, they're intentions were to operate as a detail only shop, but the crew quickly realized there was a need for more service options in their market. Pulling from their past experience of building and modifying their own vehicles, they expanded their offerings to included a full list of custom aftermarket options. Eventually, owners Ronnie and Chad, came to another point in their journey where they decided it was time to go all out and add a full retail showroom.

When it came time to add a premium car audio line to their product mix the guys wanted to make sure they offered their customers the best thing available in the market. Ronnie told us, "After spending time doing our homework, the decision to go with DD ended up being a no brainer." They wanted a line that would not only satisfy the most hardcore basshead, but would also be able to take care of the customer who wanted the best sound quality possible. Some of the major features that drew 1:18 to DD Audio was the great value, unsurpassed craftsmanship, and the exclusivity of being a dealer based line. In closing, Ronnie added, "Our partnership has been great and we look forward to growing alongside DD in the future."

Dealer of the Month

Install of the Month
Install of the Month
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