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August 2014 Newsletter

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August 2014

DD SC4 Signal Converter

The latest addition to our installation accessory offerings is the SC4. The SC4 is a premium quality 4 channel speaker level to RCA-level signal converter. If you need to install an aftermarket amp, but pulling the factory head unit isn't an option, the SC4 is your solution. The speaker level inputs can handle up to 25 watts making it compatible with almost any factory system, and it provides noise free integration via top shelf components such as TI op amps. Unlike similar but cheaper products, it's active circuitry will not induce stressful loads on your factory system. All four RCA outputs are independently adjustable from 0.05-2.2 volts. To add to this units flexibility, you can choose from auto signal sense or manual 12v remote turn on triggering. To top off this tidy little package (4.75" x 3.75") we used a durable aluminum chassis and FR4 circuit board.

DD SC4 Signal Converter

Click here for detailed information on the SC4

DD IW6.5 in-wall or ceiling speaker


The DD Box

For many, box building seems like a daunting challenge suited only for mathematicians and alchemists that blends the acoustic voodoo arts with the Pythagorean Theorem. If you follow the DD Box System you'll find out its really not that hard.

VideoTo get the most performance from non-optimum applications we took a different enclosure design approach. We engineered a high efficiency ported box, then we designed our subs to optimize the box energy. We kept our subs moving mass low, energy high and added a suspension with high restoring force to help control cone motion. This means that the subs don't have to rely entirely on the box for their loading. With the DD Box, our subs stay in control when played below the actual box tuning, because the subs themselves are tuned to the box loading, plus the car loading. The vehicle itself will offer some loading to the system, and the transfer function of the vehicle will naturally make the system play an octave lower than the box's tuning frequency. A DD Box allows your system to play low, loud, and do it in a relatively small box.

Here are some of the things that make the DD Box System so unbelievably easy.

1. Each Sub Series we make is designed to work with the DDbox system.

2. You don't need a single T/S parameter to design a great sounding enclosure.

3. You don't have to design a tapped horn loaded quasi 6th order t-line box to flex your ride.

4. You can quickly and easily determine port and woofer displacement without knowing either number.

On our website, we outline an easy to follow 4 step process that will show you how to design a custom subwoofer enclosure system for your vehicle:

1. Measure for the box.

2. Calculate the airspace.

3. Convert gross to net volume, after speaker and port displacements.

4. Port length.

If you just follow our size/port charts, the DDBox system takes all the guesswork out of the design process. Keep in mind Space Makes Bass; so for maximum output use the largest recommended box size when possible. You can also find a DD Box calculator plus several other useful installation tools packed into the DD Toolbox App available for FREE download on iPhone and Android!

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VideoVisit our youtube channel to watch our NEWEST coverage of DD Audio at the Atlanta Dub Show Tour. Don't forget to subscribe while you're there, and be the first to know when we upload new videos!

DDZ Flat Bill Hat


This month we tapped our dealer of the month, Custom Enclosures from Bristol, Virginia, the install of the month. This 2007 Chevy HHR has a full custom build that showcases the quality of work you can expect from these guys featuring 4 Digital Designs 9915's Super Charged. It also doubles as a rolling demo room for showing off several of the products the shop has to offer.

Install of the Month


Dealer: Custom Enclosures
Location: Bristol, VA, USA

Our dealer spotlight this month is on Custom Enclosures in Bristol, Virginia. They've been In business for over 25 years specializing in custom high end mobile audio systems. Owner Scott Dillon and his lead salesman Kevin were eager to add Digital Designs to their product line-up. The guys like the product so much they used the 9915 in their shop demo vehicle. We asked Scott to give us his thoughts on DD and his response was too the point, "The product is top notch, and the customers love it."

Dealer of the Month

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