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The M3a has been our most popular high powered amp for many years. The M3 was never designed for spec power, but was one of the first amps in this power range to utilize a high capacity quad power supply and rock solid output section. The M3a continues the tradition delivering over 3000 Watts of long term, SQ quality, RMS power at alternator charging levels. The M3a has been the go-to amp of choice for high performance sub systems.

Cont Power at 1 Ohm2200W x 1ch @ 12v
Damping FactorNA
Dimensions (US)21.5L x 9.13W x 2.5L
Dimensions (Metric)546.1L x 232W x 63.5H
Dynamic Power4000W x 1ch
Efficiency Thru Output87%
Input Sensitivity0.15V - 5V
Shipping Weight21 lbs / 9.53 kg
Model No. Price
M3a $989 each

* Price is for continental USA only. Does not include taxes or shipping. International prices will be higher due to import taxes, duties, shipping & customs charges.