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The DDM-151 passive monitors were designed with an old school, but still state of the art testing method that we like to call listening to music. We include cabinet design features like tuned rear ports for extended low frequency response, and acoustically reinforced MDF for uncolored mid and high reproduction. Then we loaded the cabinets with 5” aluminium cone, shorting ring equipped woofers, and 1” silk dome, cavity back tweeters that deliver flawless audio reproduction. What you don’t see inside the 151s are the metallized poly capacitor and air core coil crossovers that precisely divide up the musical bandwidth allowing the drivers to do their job in the most efficient manner possible. These versatile monitors are just as at home in a recording studio as they are in your living room.

Features :

  • Tweeter : 1” Natural Silk Dome, Cavity back
  • Woofer : 5” driver, low distortion shorting ring motor design, high Performance Cone.
  • Enclosure : Like the other components, the DD-PM151’s enclosure has an important role in shaping the overall sonic response. In order to provide more stable performance, the DD-PM151’s enclosure employs MDF walls and unique interior reinforcement designed to absorb vibration generated under extreme conditions. We also utilize a tuned rear ports to extend the reproduction of very low frequencies
  • Speaker Terminals : 5-way binding post speaker lead input terminals.
Driver(s)Woofer 5”, Tweeter 1” Silk Dome
Impedance4 Ohm
TypeTwo-way Passive Speaker System
Other Specs / Features
• Program Power : 100 Watts
Model No. Price
M151 $229 pair

* Price is for continental USA only. Does not include taxes or shipping. International prices will be higher due to import taxes, duties, shipping & customs charges.

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