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The M3 has been our most popular high power amp for many years. Now, in its third generation the M3b continues to raise the bar in its power class. For the M3b we've upgraded the M3a's power supply by increasing its current capability and efficiency. We've also upgraded the output section to deliver over 3800 Watts of clean power at standard alternator charging levels. We designed the M3b with stability not overrated specs in mind. This makes the M3b a go to amp when you need long term stability at the high power levels needed in extreme daily and competition installs.

This product is an archived / legacy product and is no longer in production

Frequency Response15Hz-270Hz
Cont Power at 1 Ohm2400 x 1ch @ 12v, 3,800 x 1ch @ 14.v
Crossover FrequencyLPF; 20Hz-200Hz / SSF; 10HZ-50Hz
Crossover Slope24dB/OCT
Dimensions (US)19.75" x 9.12" x 2.5"
Dimensions (Metric)50.17 x 23.16 x 6.35 cm
Dynamic Power5,000 Watts @ 14.4v
Efficiency Thru Output87%
Input Sensitivity5V-0.15V
Shipping Weight23 lbs / 10.43 kg
Wire Gauge (Power and Ground)0 AWG
Wire Gauge (Speaker Output)10 AWG