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Audiophile Series

State of the Art
The DDW6.5 is a state-of-the-art, high definition mid-bass driver designed to deliver the widest possible bandwidth, a fast transient response and able to produce high levels of long term output. The DD design philosophy of high energy coupled to low distortion moving systems produces these demanding results.

The Motor
The CnC machined motor structure incorporates long magnetic field technology, the DD Free Flow Cooling System and copper capped pole piece. These technologies ensures precise control over coil motion, efficiently dissipates heat from the voice coil and lower harmonic distortions.

The cone is a SFB of Kevlar fiber, carbon fiber and a very stiff and lightweight resin. This combination has an excellent strength to weight ratio that is light enough to react quickly to complex signals yet rigid enough not to flex when subjected to extreme power levels. The surround is a well dampened rubber half roll using a material chosen for light weight and internal stiffness.

Long Lasting
The voice coil former is made from black anodized aluminum layered with rigid aramid fiber and wound with the wire capable of enduring temperatures to 500 degrees F. The dual fiat spider suspension is made from synthetic materials to give the smoothest response and long lasting durability. The leads are terminated in DD Direct Connect for the most efficient electrical transfer.

AT28 AW3 AW5.25 AW6.5