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Coax and Components / Hybrids

State of the Art
In a world of shrinking cars with complex and convoluted designer door panels, Digital Designs is introducing full output components with shallow mounting capability. The CS 6.5 component set mounts in 2 inches (50mm) of door panel depth making virtually every car on the planet a candidate for better sound. But these are not garden variety shallow mounts, but high energy, low distortion drivers using the latest state of the art techniques.

The Cone
A main trouble spot in making shallow drivers sound good is the less conical shape used on the cone; thereby, deriving less geometrical strength, and therein lies the problem of floppy cones under any real output.

Reactive Speakers
DD motors are not just high-energy (HE); we also strive to limit distortions. The DDCS motors have internal Faraday rings to lower induced magnetic distortions and greatly increase upper frequency resolution. The CnC machined inner tolerances tightly focus the gap energy to the tightly wound coils and precision assembly maximizes our potential energy. This low distortion/high energy approach makes for reactive speakers.

We decided not to compromise and therefore use our SFB (Synthetic Fiber Blend) cones with hand applied acoustic treatment 1o the front of the cones. The extreme stiffness to weight ratio allows us to push the conical limits much further. SFB technology gives us high sensitivity, natural sounding midrange and low distortion.

The DDCS speakers solve a myriad of installation problems. The advanced engineering is on par with high end components from boutique driver manufacturers at a price that makes it easy to pull the trigger on all your doors. We've made the new DDCS speakers pretty hard to resist, so don't, and start enjoying the drive.

BC 6.5 w6.5 - 3qtr rightW6.5 T2 cxs 5.2 - top 3qtrCXS 5.2
CXS 6.5 - TopCXS 6.5 CXS 6x9 CS 5.2 CS 6.5